Mewtwo EX from ‘Psycho Drive’ Revealed!

The latest issue of CoroCoro magazine has revealed Mewtwo EX (#026/052) from Psycho Drive, the third Black & White set along with Hail Blizzard. As with old Pokemon-ex, Mewtwo EX retains the rule that if it is Knocked Out, your opponent takes two Prize cards. Seemingly the only difference between these new Pokemon-EX and the Pokemon-ex of the Ruby & Sapphire era is that their artwork sticks out of their borders (and that they use uppercase letters for “EX,” of course) – they will still have higher HP and stronger attacks than their normal counterparts but with the drawback of the Prize rule. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge them! The magazine also revealed a new promo Stadium featuring Kyurem and Mewtwo, named Battle City (#102/BW-P), which will be included in the September issue to promote BW3 – its artwork also sticks out of its borders. This is all so exciting and nostalgic!

Mewtwo EX from Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard in CoroCoro Magazine Battle City Promo in CoroCoro Magazine Mewtwo EX from Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard in CoroCoro Magazine

Mewtwo EX – Psychic – HP170
Basic Pokemon

[C][C] X-Ball: 20x damage. Does 20 damage for each Energy attached to both Active Pokemon.
[P][P][C] Psycho Drive: 120 damage. Discard an Energy attached to this Pokemon.

Pokemon EX Rule: When Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Psychic (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

Battle City – Stadium

You can play a Stadium next to your Active Pokemon once during your turn. If a Stadium with a different name comes into play, discard this card.

Once during each player’s turn, that player may flip a coin. If heads, that player draws a card.