‘Black & White Trainer Kit’ in August

A new “Black & White Trainer Kit” will be released in stores on August 3rd for $12.99. Each kit will come with two 30-card decks featuring a holo Excadrill card and Zoroark card from the future Emerging Powers set, but with alternate artwork. Other goodies include a deck box featuring the two Pokemon, a Black & White booster pack, a Pokemon TCG Online code for activating the decks online, two guide booklets that show you how to use each deck and card, as well as a playmat, coin, and damage counters. Like previous Trainer Kits, the product is meant to teach new players how to play the TCG (by letting the player who gets the Zoroark deck learn how weaknesses work). Click the thumbnail below for a larger image of the packaging.

Black and White Trainer Kit Featuring Excadrill and Zoroark

Excadrill – Fighting – HP110
Stage 1 – Evolves from Drilbur

[C] Metal Claw: 30 damage.
[F][F][F] Drill Run: 80 damage. Choose 1 Energy attached to the opponent’s Active Pokemon and discard it.

Weakness: Water (x2)
Resistance: Lightning (-20)
Retreat: 2

Zoroark – Darkness – HP100
Stage 1 – Evolves from Zorua

[D] Fury Swipes: 20x damage. Flip 3 coins, this attack does 20 damage times the number of heads.
[D][C][C] Night Daze: 80 damage.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: Psychic (-20)
Retreat: 2