‘BW Starter Set Plus’ Packaged With Limited DS TCG Simulator

On August 5th, the cards from the Black & White Boy and Girl Starter Kits will be re-released together in a package called “BW Starter Set Plus”… with a limited Nintendo DS simulator that teaches new players how to play the Pokemon TCG! The game is called “Pokemon Card Game: How to Play DS.” While you can only use cards from the starter kits (37 unique cards), there is a possibility this could be a small step toward a full-blown DS simulator in the future. After all, the TCGO program started off as only a limited demo. Bangiras has translated the DS game details below. The entire package will cost 2,980 yen.

  • The DS game teaches you how to play the TCG in 9 lessons.
  • You can pick either the Serperior, Emboar, or Samurott decks and have free battles with five different characters who each have their own decks (there is a sixth unlockable character too).
  • There are quizzes on the rules.
  • A rule dictionary is included in the software.
  • You can make a TCG tutorial available to your friends via DS Download.
BW Starter Set Plus with Limited DS TCG Simulator BW Starter Set Plus with Limited DS TCG Simulator