Upcoming Pokemon League Promos

Though different Pokemon Leagues seem to be on different schedules, the current Pokemon League season is supposed to feature Snivy and Broken Time-Space as reverse holo promos along with a patch featuring the Ken Sugimori artwork of Snivy. Thanks to ShadowGuard, however, we now have scans of the promos that will be featured in future seasons: Tepig, Oshawott, Copycat, and Double Colorless Energy. Tepig will be featured next season along with one of the two Trainers and then Oshawott will follow suit the following season. International Pokemon Leagues often receive promo kits of multiple seasons at the same time (probably to save shipping costs), which is why the cards are already known. You can click the thumbnails below for larger scans.

Tepig Pokemon League Promo Oshawott Pokemon League Promo Copycat Pokemon League Promo Double Colorless Energy Pokemon League Promo