Vanillite’s Face and Golurk’s Legs

Some Pokemon have design secrets that aren’t revealed right away, such as Darkrai having legs, and it turns out Vanillite and Golurk are two such Pokemon. According to the comics below, Vanillite’s face is actually hidden under a layer of ice and Golurk can fly by retracting its hands and legs and using what appears to be jet propulsion (it’s using it in the Victini movie posters too). The latter explains how Golurk can learn Fly in the games (it’s a Ground/Ghost type but can fly by using fire?). Bangiras has translated the comic strips below; click them for larger images.

Vanillite Comic Golurk Comic

Golurk Comic

  • Panel 1 – “(It appears that when the seal on Golurk’s chest is taken off, its power runs rampant.)”
  • Panel 2 – Golett: “Can I take it off?” Golurk: “H-hey, stop!” Golett: “Just a peek!” Golurk: “No, no! Ah… ah!!”
  • Panel 3 – Golurk: “AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” Golett: “Golurk!!”
  • Panel 4 – Golett: “Goluuuuuuuk!!” “(Golurk ran rampant before the seal was removed.)”

Vanillite Comic

  • Panel 1 – Pansage: “Vanillite’s white part is cool to the touch, it feels nice.” Pansear: “That’s because it’s snow.”
  • Panel 2 – Pansage: “But if we touch it too much, it’ll melt…”
  • Panel 4 – Vanillite: “WAAAH, don’t look at me!!” Pansage: “Vanillite!” “(Vanillite is a little bit shy.)”