July’s Japanese Set: ‘Red Collection’

Update (9:45 PM) – Added new information below pertaining to secret rares, a new game mechanic, and “Restored Pokemon.”

Following the release of the Black Collection and White Collection mini-sets last December, the second Black and White set is named Red Collection and will be released in Japan on July 15th, a day before the two Victini movies. The set will contain 66 cards, including Victini, which, when combined with Black Collection and White Collection, will reveal all of Unova’s known Pokemon in card form (excluding Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect, obviously). Like the first two sets, each booster pack will come with only five cards for 158 yen ($1.80) in order to target younger children who have smaller piggy banks.

The set will also have at least one secret rare. Going by the first B/W set, which had a Legendary Dragon (Reshiram and Zekrom), a Kanto Pokemon (Pikachu), and two of the Cloud Trio (Tornadus and Thundurus) as secret rares (all alternate art reprints within the set, excluding Pikachu), it probably would not be too much of a stretch to assume we’ll get something along the lines of Victini, Kyurem, Landorus, or perhaps even Meowth for this one’s (or some other Pokemon related to the two Victini movies). This is just speculation though! No matter what, we will get the rest of the Unova Pokemon anyway.

There is a new game mechanic in this set, though we have no details about it at this time. “Restored Pokemon” will also debut in this set, which are apparently the new name for Fossil Pokemon. The new mechanic may in fact be related to how Fossil Pokemon will be played from now on. Trainer – Tool cards will also reappear in the card game with this new release.

Additionally, two “Special Trunk Sets” will be released on the same day as the set, featuring holographic reprints of either Reshiram or Zekrom from the first B/W sets with new artwork. Each trunk, which acts as a card storage unit, will also come with six booster packs: two from Black Collection, two from White Collection, and two from Red Collection. Each trunk will retail for 1,500 yen, or about $17.50.