Get a Dream World Eeveelution with a Special Ability!

A new mini-game is available on where you can win one of the seven evolutions of Eevee with a special Dream World ability; a similar promotion took place in Japan before the release of Black and White. To win the Eeveelution, you simply need to sign in to your Trainer Club account and beat all four rounds of the game; it is essentially a brick-breaking game where you have to destroy all the bricks without losing the bouncing ball.

Many of the bricks will release orbs representing one of the Eeveelutions – the orb you catch the most of will be the evolution you win after beating all four rounds. For example, if you catch nine blue orbs (Vaporeon), five red orbs (Flareon), two black orbs (Umbreon), and a green orb (Leafeon), you will win the Vaporeon. So if you want a particular evolution, try to ignore the other orbs as they are falling and just make sure you catch as many of the ones representing the evolution you want. The game is hard and will take a lot of practice – I still haven’t beaten it even after six attempts! (I know, I suck.)

After winning the game, your account will save which Eeveelution you have won. When the Dream World eventually opens (its international debut was recently delayed due to Japan’s earthquake), you will be able to connect your Black or White to the Dream World and download the Eeveelution to your game. Each evolution features an ability it does not normally have – Vaporeon has Hydration (normally Water Absorb), Jolteon has Quick Feet (normally Volt Absorb), Flareon has Guts (normally Flash Fire), Espeon has Bounce (normally Synchronize), Umbreon has Inner Focus (also normally Synchronize), Leafeon has Chlorophyll (normally Leaf Guard), and Glaceon has Ice Body (normally Snow Cloak). Each of the Eeveelutions will likely be male like their Japanese counterparts, meaning you cannot pass down their special abilities via breeding.

Eeveelution Dream World Game