First Video Footage of ‘Pokemon TCG Online’ Program!

A user on YouTube has uploaded video footage of the upcoming “Pokemon TCG Online” program, which debuted at the PAX East convention in Boston this past weekend. The most striking feature revealed is that the program, like the old Gameboy game, performs all the actions for you – when you play Copycat, for example, the program shuffles your hand into your deck, detects how many cards are in your opponent’s hand, and then draws that amount. However, it must be noted that the beta version of the program is what debuted at the convention; it is unknown if the full version of the program will feature this same functionality since all Modified format cards will be in it (whereas with a demo / limited version, only certain cards are included, allowing the actions to be programmed more easily). Either way, the program is beyond impressive and will surely be the new way to play the TCG online!