Victini Download at Movie 14’s Theaters; Future Predictions

The official Pokemon movie website just updated with yesterday’s content from CoroCoro magazine in addition to revealing that Victini is the Pokemon players can download at movie theaters for Victini and the Dark Hero – Zekrom. This Victini, as stated previously, will know V-Generate, an exclusive Fire-type move which has 180 base damage but lowers Victini’s Defense, Special Defense, and Speed by one stage. The move also slightly damages your teammates in double and triple battles. We do not know yet which Pokemon will be given out for the preorder ticket sales, but it should be revealed within the next two months or so. For the past four movies, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, and Celebi were the Pokemon patrons could download at the actual movie theaters while Deoxys, Regigigas, Spiky-Eared Pichu, and the shiny Legendary Beasts were given out for preordering the movie tickets.

Theory time! Considering hidden Legendaries are always saved for the movie theater downloads, it does not seem as likely, if we are to go off the pattern of the last four movies, that Keldeo or any other hidden Legendary will be featured in the movie. If this is the case, Black and White may last for four years (with Keldeo for movie 15, Meloetta for movie 16, and Genesect for movie 17). But then again, this is a new generation and previous marketing patterns can be broken or redefined, so we absolutely cannot say with any certainty what’s going to happen until it does! Every single movie, spare the third with Entei and the Unown, has introduced at least one “new” Pokemon – Mew, Donphan (Snubbull, Marril); Lugia, Slowking (Bellossom, Elekid); Celebi (Azurill, Wailmer, Kecleon); Latios, Latias (Wynaut, Duskull, Volbeat); Jirachi; Deoxys, Munchlax; Lucario, Bonsly, Weavile, Mime Jr.; Manaphy, Chatot, Buizel; Darkrai; Shaymin, Shaymin Sky Forme, Giratina Origin Forme; Arceus, Spiky-Eared Pichu; Zorua, Zoroark – so perhaps Keldeo, the first hidden event Legendary, will still find its way into the movie since Victini and Zekrom have already been revealed. There’s still six months left until the movie premieres and I personally doubt that just Victini, Zekrom, and the movie’s plot are going to keep people excited until then – they’re going to have to introduce something else to keep the hype going. Theories, opinions, theories!

Zekrom and Victini