New Pokemon Manga to Target Older Fans

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An as-of-now unnamed Pokemon manga specifically targeted toward older audiences will begin serialization in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday this March. Other series that run in the magazine are Detective Conan (known as Case Closed in America) and, previously, InuYasha. Teaser fliers for the manga can be seen below, featuring whom we can presume to be the main character along with a silhouetted Pokemon (Zekrom?). The comic will be the sixth one released in Japan to chronicle the Black and White video games and Unova region.

This is one of only a few attempts in Pokemon’s history where older fans are being targeted, so it should be interesting to see what becomes of this! Previous manga titles, such as Pokemon Adventures, have mainly targeted Pokemon’s core child audience. Perhaps we’ll see older Pokemon content in the future if this comic is successful. Thanks goes to Bangiras for translating this information!

New Older Pokemon Manga New Older Pokemon Manga