Movie 14’s Dark Hero Revealed; New Wi-Fi Distribution

Update (12:30 AM, Friday) – Added CoroCoro scans below thanks to ShellSpider. The first one confirms the movie’s title and the second one shows that the movie’s downloadable Victini will know V-Generate, as predicted. Thanks goes to Gin for translating the first scan’s text below. This is the only new Pokemon information in CoroCoro this month; next month, however, they are promising more movie details.

According to early CoroCoro magazine leaks on Japanese forum 2ch and Twitter, movie 14’s updated title is now Victini and the Dark Hero Zekrom, meaning Zekrom is the “dark hero.” The movie website will apparently update tonight soon with the information. This news does not preclude another title update in upcoming months or another Pokemon, such as Reshiram or Keldeo, being featured in the movie.

Other news related to the animé: in next week’s episode of Best Wishes, Ash’s egg will hatch into a Zuruggu (Scraggy). To celebrate this, Black and White players will be able to download Ash’s Zuruggu via Wi-Fi’s Mystery Gift from January 28th to February 10th. Zuruggu will come at Level 1 with a Muscle Band attached and its OT ID will be “Satoshi” (Ash).

The shocking truth becomes clear from the title! (Referring to the fact that Zekrom has been revealed through the movie’s title to be the Dark Hero.) Don’t miss this year’s movie!!

The secret of the legendary hero becomes clear! (Again referring to the fact that Zekrom is revealed to be the Dark Hero.)

What’s Zekrom’s relationship to being the Dark Hero? (A more ambiguous line to make us wonder what else is in store for the movie.) Is Ash going to battle Zekrom??

The biggest crisis in Pokemon history… (This line is cut off, but it probably says “is about to unfold” or something along those lines.)