First English Clip of “Black and White” Animé

Cartoon Network has posted the first English clip of the upcoming Black & White animé series. The clip is from the first episode, In the Shadow of Zekrom, in which Shooti (English name unknown) picks his Starter Pokemon. As expected, Ash keeps his TPCi voice (Sarah Natochenny) and Professor Juniper appears to be dubbed by Dawn’s voice actress (Emily Jenness).

The original Japanese background music is kept intact for the clip, which may or may not be an indication that the dub will be using more of the Japanese background music than before (though this is only one short clip, so who knows). Considering the series is now only using new background music and music from Arceus and the Jewel of Life, perhaps new deals are in place and the dub will be able to use all of the original music now unlike in the past where they have only been limited to a certain percentage per episode. We’ll find out soon!