Black and White Collector’s Tins

Black and White Collector's Tins

Three new collector’s tins will be released in March featuring either a holo Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott. Each tin will come with a special booster pack containing five Black and White Pokemon (termed “preview cards”), a Pokemon figure, and four booster packs from the Platinum series, the HeartGold and SoulSilver series, and Call of Legends. The tins will cost $15.99 each. Thanks goes to Kirbypopstarhero for scanning the ad for us; click it for a larger image.

The three Starter Pokemon cards on the ad below match the cards from the Journey Partner Promo Collections that were released in Japan this past September (your typical Ken Sugimori promos). The other Pokemon from those collections (Klink, Sandile, Pidove, Munna, Zorua, and Blitzle) will probably be the cards included in the tin’s preview packs. Since Call of Legends is our February set, Black and White will be our May set, so it makes sense that TPCi wants to release a few fifth generation cards in March to promote the games since the TCG won’t catch up until two months after their release.