All ‘Black’ and ‘White Collection’ Scans and Translations!

Sorry for the lack of updates. There’s a general lack of news this week and I have also been on vacation.

With special thanks to Toho, we now have early scans of Black Collection and White Collection, the two mini-sets that make up the first fifth generation set. The set will be released in Japan on Friday. A huge thanks goes to Bangiras for translating the cards (see the link above) and Viper.Fox for collecting the images! This set has a lot of cards that are reminiscent of the Base Set days.

Each set has three secret rares: Black Collection has Torneros and Reshiram, which are special reprints of the two already in the set, while White Collection has Voltros and Zekrom, also reprints. The third secret rare in both sets is the same Pikachu card, the only non-Unova Pokemon.

Notes: Rohbushin (Unova’s Machamp) and Gigaiasu (Unova’s Golem) are not in the set despite their Basic and Stage 1 forms being present. The three elemental monkeys are identical except for their elemental attacks, just like in the video games. Gothruzelle’s ability is like Vileplume EX’s Poke-Body. Gegegearl has an Energy Trans Poke-Power for Metal Energies. Ranculus is the equivalent of Base Set Alakazam. Enbuoh has a Fire-type version of Rain Dance, but can attach to any Pokemon, not just Fire-types (combining the best aspects of Rain Dance and Energy Storm). Kenhorou is useless, like every bird since Pidgeot FRLG. Crash Hammer is a renamed Energy Removal 2, Professor Araragi is the Supporter version of Professor Oak, and Pokemon Catcher is a renamed Gust of Wind. Recycle is a word for word reprint of the Fossil card. PlusPower and Great Ball have both been eratta’d, as reported months ago. Revive and Energy Retrieval are also updates of their Base Set counterparts, both losing the penalties associated with the originals.