New ‘Pokemon Evolutions Pack’

Update (2:15 PM) – Apparently, these Pokemon Evolutions Packs are already available at stores like Target. So far, they come in two varieties: the Charizard line from Arceus and the Metagross line from Supreme Victors, with each Stage 2 featuring the glassy holofoil paper. You can view a photo of them here thanks to Brandon P. They retail for $4.99. More may be released soon!

A new “Pokemon Evolution Pack” will be released this December in America. Since this is a new type of product, the only thing we know about it is what the official product description describes. We’ll bring you more information once we find it!

Grow your collection… and evolve your Pokemon! Add great cards to your Pokemon Trading Card Game collection with this Pokemon Evolutions pack, including an entire Evolution chain that takes a Basic Pokémon all the way up to a holographic Stage 2 Pokémon! It’s a revolution in evolution that can help any Pokémon Trainer! Each Pokémon Evolutions Pack contains 1 booster pack and 3 bonus cards!