‘New Mexico’ Blaine’s Quiz

The answer to the last Blaine’s Quiz is the Brain Pokemon, Rigray – a Pokemon that clearly resembles an alien. The evidence for this comes from its Pokemon White PokeDex entry, which states, “It suddenly happened, 50 years ago, across the desert. No one has seen this Pokemon since then.” In real life, the famous Roswell UFO incident occurred in a New Mexico desert in 1947, which was 63 years ago, and the aliens from that incident apparently disappeared like Rigray. Since Isshu is based on America and there are many American-inspired Pokemon in this generation, this lends further credence to the comparison. Deoxys was the number one answer for the quiz, but Deoxys’ story sounds nothing like the incident: a virus was exposed to a laser beam in space, mutated into Deoxys, and then crash-landed on Earth in a meteorite.

A new Blaine’s Quiz is up – try it out! We’ve had a hard time coming up with interesting questions, which is why they are not posted as often anymore. If you have any suggestions for a quiz question, feel free to post it on our forums. The idea for this week’s question is from Alvin and the Minezumis.

Which of the following Pokemon is a reference to a certain event that took place in New Mexico?


  • Deoxys (32.0%, 5,133 Votes)
  • Rigray (17.0%, 2,781 Votes)
  • Genosect (14.0%, 2,311 Votes)
  • Wargle (10.0%, 1,593 Votes)
  • Terrakion (9.0%, 1,484 Votes)
  • Regirock (9.0%, 1,483 Votes)
  • Hippowdon (9.0%, 1,433 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,221