Movie 14 Title: ‘Victini and the Dark Hero’

Update #2 (6:00 AM, Monday) – As per our forum discussion thread, another theory is that the “dark hero” is Keldeo, the first event Legendary at the end of Unova’s PokeDex. | Update (11:45 PM) – The Pokemon movie website has updated with the movie logo, as you can see below.

As we already know from the advertisement following the conclusion of The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark, the fourteenth Pokemon movie will feature Victini. According to an interview with Junichi Masuda and Shokotan in this month’s CoroCoro magazine, of which bits and pieces have just leaked on to the Internet, the title of the movie is Victini and the Dark Hero. Thanks goes to Heerosferret for the translations!

Who could the hero be? The word for “hero” (英雄) is the same word used to constantly describe N in Black and White, so some people are speculating it is either him or the more obvious deduction, Zekrom. Since Pokemon names are always added to the titles later on, I would assume it’s a Pokemon if anything (like Victini and the Dark Hero: Zekrom). Of course, that’s just my personal speculation – we’ll find out the truth soon either way.

Victini and the Dark Hero