February’s English Set: ‘Call of Legends’

Sorry about the lack of updates this week – was finishing my UCLA grad school application, had a video project to work on, a late midterm, and an Espanol test. Shouldn’t have a hectic week like that again for a while! Also, Redshark’s release has been delayed; it’ll be released this weekend.

We have learned that February’s English set will be named Call of Legends. Considering that there are still over 20 LEGEND-series cards that have yet to be printed in America and that the set has “Legend” in the title, it is without a doubt the last HeartGold and SoulSilver set. It will probably be like EX Power Keepers in that it is the last set of an outgoing generation and contains reprinted cards. The title hints at this as well, “calling” the “legends” of previous sets as when EX Power Keepers “kept” the “power” from previous sets in the format. Of course, this is just speculation for now – we only know the set name at this point! We’ll bring you more information as soon as possible! The set will be released on February 2nd in stores.