DP 190 Summary, New ‘Best Wishes’ Preview, Team Rocket’s New Uniforms

Team Rocket's Isshu Uniforms

The second-to-last Diamond and Pearl episode, Pokemon Doctor – Brock!, just finished airing in Japan. I thought Brock would be leaving in this episode so I stayed up late to watch it and prepared my update, but nope, he’s leaving in the next episode. A summary of what happened is below just ‘cuz. Following the episode, a new preview for Best Wishes aired. One of the scene shows Mijumaru battling Dento’s Yanappu, and for one small shot, you can see Ash standing behind the Water Pokemon; this probably means he is going to own it. Forum mod Viper.Fox has uploaded a video of it to YouTube which you can see below.

The official TV Tokyo website also just updated with Team Rocket and Giovanni’s new uniforms, as you can see to the right (click the thumbnail for a larger image). This is the first time Jessie and James are getting changes to their uniforms, though it’s only a color change from white to black. According to the website, Giovanni has sent them to Isshu for a special mission: to gain control of Isshu (oh noz!). They are “Advanced Troops” because they are the first from Team Rocket to enter the region.

  • The episode starts out with Ash, Brock, and Dawn on a ship. Dawn asks Ash and Brock what they’re going to do now that the Sinnoh League is over and they respond that they’re both going back home to Kanto. Dawn says she’s going back home too but asks them if they’ll stop by her house first.
  • A whole bunch of Baby Pokemon run on to the deck and a girl runs after them. She slips on the deck but Brock saves her. She thanks him and tells Ash and crew that she’s a Pokemon Nursery School teacher.
  • Team Rocket is following the ship in a submarine and angers a bunch of Tentacruel. They try to escape but ram the ship in the process. The Tentacruel pursue them and come on to the ship.
  • The Tentacruel fire a Poison-type attack at Ash and crew and poison Pikachu.
  • Elsewhere on the ship, the Baby Pokemon are fighting off the Tentacruel. All of them are hit by the Poison attack and a Pichu in the group is badly Poisoned.
  • The Tentacruel corner Team Rocket and for some reason return to the ocean (…missed why).
  • The teacher appears and tells Brock she needs help – all of her Baby Pokemon were Poisoned.
  • Since there are no medical facilities on the boat for Pokemon, a guard takes them to storage to look for Berries. Happiny assists in looking for them. However, they do not find the right Berries.
  • An old woman appears and offers a cookie… perhaps a Lavacookie? Brock tries to heal all the Pokemon with Berries they get from somewhere.
  • Nurse Joy appears over video phone and says she’ll heal Pichu when they get to the Pokemon Center but that it’s up to Brock to help it now.
  • Pichu isn’t responding to the treatment so they try to setup a steam room. Pikachu tries to shock Pichu to health but no luck.
  • Brock’s Happiny evolves into Chansey! She uses Softboiled and Pichu is healed.
  • The ship arrives in Twinleaf Town. Nurse Joy tells Brock he would make a great Pokemon Doctor, to which he says, “To work with Nurse Joys all the time?!” He also says he still has a lot of studying to do. At the end of the last episode, Brock was wondering about his goals, so they’re obviously foreshadowing his departure.
  • Dawn’s mom greets Ash and crew. They’re going to stay at Dawn’s house for one more episode so they can all be together one last time.