As posted yesterday:

We just received a letter from a Nintendo lawyer (edited to remove personal info obviously) asking to take down all of our Black and White images or bad stuff will happen. I called the lawyer through his law firm and he said he’ll be making the rounds on other Pokemon sites as well. I was the first website on their list. I’m about to go out while Bangiras plays the game due to a small family emergency but I have 24 hours to remove the images, which means they’ll be gone by tomorrow afternoon (Sunday). Joy! Anyways, we’ll continue to play the game and report what we find like we’ve been doing.

Since us posting images of Black and White “has the potential to cause substantial damage to Nintendo,” we have obviously complied with their wishes. All recent images of the games have been replaced by Ditto, a Pokemon from 1996 who we feel will best represent Pokemon’s current image. We’ve also taken the liberty to change the name of this site to “PokerBeach” since we figured using “Poké” also has the chance of causing substantial damage to Nintendo’s property. We hope that all English-speakers will remove images of Black and White from their websites, forums, blogs, YouTubes, Facebooks, instant messages, e-mails, homes, and minds since under law Nintendo has the right to declare any media they want, on any website they want, illegal and out of the domain of fair use [luckily criticism isn’t]. We hope everyone will comply with their wishes or Pokemon may end up in the gutter, since covering and advertising new games for free is obviously counter-productive to Nintendo’s sales. I mean, images of the games will obviously cost more damage than minor Isshus like this. Why go after the big guys when you can waste your lawyers’ time on small fan sites that only help your franchise?