Live-Action Pokemon Movie Trailer?

Noooo… this is what I wanted to do after film school… my dream! I’ll be crushed if this turns out to be real. :(

Gaming website Shogun Gamer received an e-mail last night containing a link to a live-action Pokemon movie trailer. According to the person who e-mailed it to them, a private screening was held at a movie theater last night and the Pokemon trailer was shown. The trailer was three minutes long, but the person only managed to pull out their camera for the last 40 seconds of it.

It is standard practice for film companies to have “test screenings” of movies and trailers to gauge the reactions of audiences, so this isn’t something too unbelievable. While the trailer in-and-of-itself looks pretty legitimate, its content does not seem to conform to Pokemon’s young standards (Team Rocket, if that’s who they are, uses guns). Film students like me are gaining greater access to CG software every day, so this could just be someone’s film project that they tried to pass off as real. As of now, we’re not sure what we’re dealing with here, so please take this trailer with an absolute grain of salt. It still looks pretty interesting even if turns out to be a fake – someone obviously spent a lot of time on it!