World Champions Declared, Crobat’s Attacks

Congratulations to the 2010 TCG World champions! Coming in first place for the Juniors division is Yuka Furusawa from Japan, winning with Jumpluff. In the Seniors division, Jacob Lesage from Canada won with Luxchomp; he is also the Seniors Nationals champion in Canada. And finally, in the Masters division, Yuta Komatsuda from Japan went undefeated throughout the entire tournament with Luxchomp – what an accomplishment! Honorable mentions also goes to U.S. players Juan Pablo Arenas, Mychael Bryan, and Michael Pramawat, all of whom came in second place in Juniors, Seniors, and Masters respectively. Congratulations to all! :)

The champions of the Video Game Championships have also been declared – in the Juniors division, Shota Yamamoto beat Santa Ito for first place while in the Seniors division Ray Rizzo from the United States defeated Yasuki Tochigi from Japan and took the title. Again, congratulations to everyone for getting so far in such a competitive tournament!

As for the Crobat players could download at Worlds today, it comes with Heat Wave, Air Slash, Sludge Bomb, and Super Fang, all of which are moves it can already learn. As stated before, it is holding a Life Orb and comes inside a Cherish Ball.

TCG Juniors Division

  • Champion – Yuka Furusawa (Japan)
  • 2nd Place – Juan Pablos Arenas (USA)
  • 3rd Place – Simon Taylor (USA)
  • 4th Place – Thomas Harle (France)

TCG Seniors Division

  • Champion – Jacob Lesage (Canada)
  • 2nd Place – Mychal Bryan (USA)
  • 3rd Place – Ann-Marie Thompson (USA) :D
  • 4th Place – Hiroki Yano (Japan)

TCG Masters Division

  • Champion – Yuta Komatsuda (Japan)
  • 2nd Place – Michael Pramawat (USA)
  • 3rd Place – Frank Diaz (USA)
  • 4th Place – Miguel Garcia (Switzerland)

Video Game Juniors Division

  • Champion – Shota Yamamoto (Japan)
  • 2nd Place – Santa Ito (Japan)

Video Game Seniors Division

  • Champion – Ray Rizzo (USA)
  • 2nd Place – Yasuki Tochigi (Japan)