New Pokemon Revealed in B/W Demo Buses

Update (8:00 PM, Saturday) – An in-game screenshot of Shikijika’s winter forme has been posted below. | Update (4:00 AM) – Another Pokemon from the demo has been leaked, as you can see below. A sprite of Emonga has also been leaked.

A few buses are making their way through Japan with new Black and White demos on board and some Japanese fans have already managed to get a few photos of a couple of new Pokemon. Details are below. There is a slight chance these images are fake, so be a little wary for now; click their thumbnails for larger pictures.

Emonga Gigaiasu Darumaaka Darumaaka and New Plant Pokemon Emonga Shikijika Winter Forme
  • Emonga (エモンガ) is the Flying Squirrel Pokemon, stands 0.4m tall, and weights 5.0kg. It is an Electric / Flying-type and has Static as its ability.
  • Gigaiasu (ギガイアス), which was revealed previously, is the High Pressure Pokemon. It is a Rock-type, has the Sturdy ability, stands 1.7m tall, and weighs 270.0kg.
  • Darumakka (ダルマッカ) is a Fire-type and the supposed pre-evolution of Hihidaruma.
  • Another new Pokemon revealed but not pictured is Basurao (バスラオ), which knows Aqua Jet and Uproar.
  • Shikijika (the previously revealed deer) is a Normal / Grass-type and has Chlorophyll as its ability. Its appearance changes according to the seasons: in the spring it is pink (like the Ken Sugimori artwork), in the summer it is green, in the fall it is orange, and winter’s color is unknown.
  • Growth now seems to raise Special Attack and Attack by one stage.