Preview of ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Anime; Four New Pokemon Revealed

Today’s Diamond and Pearl episode just ended in Japan, and at the end of it, a preview for September’s Black and White anime aired: it is to be called Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes. During the video, it shows a silhouette of a new girl and boy. This same girl was in a character sheet that was being passed around the Internet earlier this week – a character sheet that contains pictures of new Pokemon! Since the girl is now real, this means the Pokemon shown in it are real – we thus have four new Pokemon! You can watch the video of the preview as well as see the character sheet with the new Pokemon below. The girl is named Iris and will be joining Ash in his journeys though Isshu, while the bat Pokemon above her is named Coromori. You can also see Tsutaaja’s and Mijumaru’s evolutions. The other Pokemon’s names are too hard to read.

Black and White Character Sheet