‘Black’ and ‘White’ Video Footage: Intro, Starter Battles, Pokemon Battles

Update #2 (3:30 PM): Oha Suta just finished airing a triple battle, but it did not feature anything new. It was Gochiruzeru, Hihidaruma and Shimama vs. Musharna, Wargle, and Rankurusu. The show had teased that they would be showing-off the apparent Luvdisc evolution (Mamanbō), but it was nowhere to be seen in the triple battle. | Update: Due to our new server being unable to handle the amount of people watching the videos, I have uploaded them to YouTube and posted them below.

The current issue of Dengeki Nintendo DS magazine contains an advertisement DVD with new Black and White video footage, and thanks to an armed robbery at their printing plant an anonymous Japanese PokeBeach reader, we now have the video to share with everyone! The first video below shows part of the game’s intro followed by you, Cheren, and Belle opening the present from Professor Araragi and picking your starter Pokemon. You then battle them, destroying your room in the process. The second video shows several battle scenes between most of the recently revealed Pokemon. Enjoy!

Be sure to check back here later today as well! This afternoon (in U.S. time), a new triple-battle will be shown on Oha Suta. The battle may contain new Pokemon or reveal some new information, and whatever is revealed will be posted here!