‘Black’ and ‘White’ Website Updated with Clear Images

The official Black and White website has updated with clearer screenshots and artwork of the images that were in the leaked CoroCoro magazine scans the other day. I have cut them all out below. Additionally, we have received some new information:

  • Gochiruzeru is exclusively found in Pokemon Black.
  • Rankurusu is exclusively found in Pokemon White.
  • A new Poison-type move called Coil (とぐろをまく) was named; it has 20 PP, but nothing else is know about it.
  • With regards to the Pokemon Global Link website, to get an Eeveelution to transfer to Black and White, you need to play a “Pokemon Labyrinth” mini-game. Depending on how far you progress in the game will determine the Eeveelution you receive.
  • The next issue of CoroCoro magazine will be released on August 11th, which is a few days earlier than usual. It will contain a Black and White “Master Document,” which will contain new Pokemon as well as a ton of information about the games.
Kibago Koromori Minezumi Minezumi Gochiruzeru Gochiruzeru Rankurusu Rankurusu Wargle Musharna Musharna
Kibago Ken Sugimori Artwork Koromori Ken Sugimori Artwork Minezumi Ken Sugimori Artwork Gochiruzeru Ken Sugimori Artwork Rankurusu Ken Sugimori Artwork Wargle Ken Sugimori Artwork Musharna Ken Sugimori Artwork