‘Pokemon Sunday’ Airs Silhouettes of Yesterday’s Pokemon, More ‘CoroCoro’ Info

Update: Now this is nasty. The Zorua and Zoroark you will eventually obtain in Black and White are supposed to be the mother Zoroark and her baby boy Zorua from the 13th movie. But once son evolves into a male Zoroark, and you want more Zorua… ew…

Thirteen more days until I leave for Japan for five weeks! Can’t wait!

Pokemon Sunday June 12 Silhouettes

Pokemon Sunday just finished airing – they did not reveal anything we do not already know, as expected after the CoroCoro leak yesterday. They merely showed silhouettes of a few of the Pokemon, which they will reveal in full next week. This probably means next week’s episode won’t have anything new either.

Also, we revisted the CoroCoro scans and need to make a few corrections as well as add some info we overlooked:

  • Zorua and Zoroark are event-exclusive Pokemon. They do not appear during normal gameplay, at least in Black and White. Therefore, you can only get the two if you preorder a ticket to The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark and trade over one of the shiny Legendary Beasts (to encounter Zoroark) and if you download the movie Celebi from the theaters and trade it over (to get Zorua).
  • Zoroark can learn a new attack called “Night Burst,” which lowers the opponent’s accuracy. It learns the attack at a high level.
  • The event Zoroark you can obtain will know Fury Swipes, Faint Attack, Scary Face, and Taunt.
  • Zorua has Scratch, Leer, Pursuit, and Fake Tears.
  • The new ability of Meguroko, the Desert Crocodile Pokemon, should be translated as “Overconfidence” rather than “Earthquake Spiral.” The ability increases its Attack stat when it Knocks Out a Pokemon.
  • Zekrom’s ability is named “Teravoltage,” not “Terra Voltage.” “Tera” is a prefix that means one trillion. Does this mean it can generate a trillion volts of electricity with its tail generator?
  • There is a new indicator that shows you the status of the weather, such as if it’s raining.
  • The gold building in the Reshiram scan (that looks honey-covered) is described as being shaped like a bee’s nest.
  • The chinchilla is spelled “Chiraamii,” not Chiramii.
  • The pink blob with floral patterns is spelled “Munna.”