Nintendo 3DS Details Announced at E3

Nintendo 3DS at E3 Convention

Nintendo just announced details of the 3DS, its next portable game platform, at the E3 convention in Los Angeles. The conference has ended and these are the live notes we took as it was progressing. You can see an image of the 3DS to the right, which you can click for a larger image.

  • The 3DS basically looks the same as its predecessor, except the top screen is larger at 3.53 inches wide. The top screen does not have touch screen capabilities (like all DS incarnations), though the reason stated is because fingerprint smudges reduce the 3D effect.
  • The bottom screen is 3.02 inches wide and a touch screen but does NOT feature 3D like the top screen.
  • As reported before, no 3D glasses are required to experience the 3D effects.
  • 3D movies will be made available on the 3DS from Disney, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks, such as How to Train Your Dragon.
  • An analog 3D depth slider will allow you to select no 3D or different grades of it. It can “suddenly become 3D.” It was stated that they wanted to do this because different people would have different perceptions of the 3D if it was stuck at the same level.
  • There is a new “slide pad,” which allows for 360-degree analog input. The D-pad is still present as well.
  • There are new motion and gyro sensors, similar to the iPod and iPhone. For example, on Nintendogs, if you tilt your head the dog will tilt its head as well. We’re not sure if this is because of the two sensors, the 3DS’ player-facing camera (located above the 3D screen, which accounts for the visual motions of a player), or a combination of the two.
  • The front of the 3DS will feature two camera lenses, which you can use to take 3D photos.
  • Communication can occur in sleep mode, meaning your 3DS systems can communicate with each other on their own. For example, it can compare save data from your gameplay with other 3DS systems who have data from the same game, sharing content in the process, so that the next time you play the game you will see something different.
  • In terms of Wi-Fi, the 3DS can automatically download new content without you having to do anything, such as new levels.
  • The 3DS is compatible with the DSi (we assume this means in terms of wireless connectivity).
  • The system will, of course, feature better graphics and hardware capabilities.
  • As of 1 hour and 11 minutes into Nintendo’s announcements, they have yet to show an example of the 3DS’ 3D.
  • The 3DS apparently eats people who play it. Players are sucked into a vortex, it makes a chomping motion, and then the people are thrown into games. (At least according to the ad.) :p
  • Nintendo stated that the 3D cannot be exhibited in a trailer – you have to see it to understand it. A bunch of women just came out with 3DS systems tied to them. They are going to apparently allow people in the audience to play them so that they can experience the 3D effects.
  • The conference just ended.
  • The Tracks of Light Pokemon Ranger game has been renamed Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs for its English release and will hit store shelves in fall 2010.
  • PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure will see its release this upcoming holiday season in America.
  • As of now, no one has reported the Pokemon Black and White contents of Nintendo’s booth. This probably means they just had a poster or something minimal on display.