Nationals 2010 Garchomp Promo

Watch, no news this week, and then late next week the flood gates will open. Too bad it’s during my FINALS WEEK!! Ugh – I’ll have to stay up all night waiting for the CoroCoro scans. Por Dios. Though if it hadn’t been for Reshiram and Zekrom, there’d almost be no news. Seven more days until the end of my third year of college and twenty-one more days until my second Japan trip (and for some of you, Nationals!).

As was obvious, the Nationals 2010 promo is a reverse holo reprint of the Garchomp from Supreme Victors. Click the thumbnail below for a larger photo; thanks goes to Lugia for taking it. You can get your Garchomp promo at the Nationals tournament between June 25th to 27th in Indianapolis, Indiana. The card is free but the trip will probably cost you a few hundred. Poor collectors… :(

Garchomp Nationals 2010 Promo