‘Pokemon Sunday’ Airs New ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Videos

Update #3 (5:45 PM) – All three in-game videos that were shown are now below.

Pokemon Sunday just finished airing Pokemon Black and White videos, which were based off the screenshots revealed in CoroCoro magazine and the official Pokemon website this past week. All that we have learned is below.

  • Pokemon battles are much more dynamic – the camera moves around and zooms in and out and the Pokemon are not just standing there with one picture hopping up and down. Rather, the sprites are constantly animated, as you can see in the first and second video below.
  • Zorua and Zoroark’s Illusion ability does not change their Darkness type. When encountering them, they use the sprite of the Pokemon they are imitating and their name as well. We still do not know how it is determined what Pokemon they imitate, what the conditions are for them to revert to their real forms, or how to figure out you are battling a disguised Zorua or Zoroark. In the first video below, Raikou fires an Aura Sphere at Zoroark, which is super effective, so perhaps if they take a lot of damage or are hit by an attack they are weak to, they change back.
  • When you run by people, they can talk to you without you hitting A on them and can also run around you, as seen in the third video.