‘Black’ and ‘White’… Day and Night… Light and Darkness?

Update (1:00 AM): Added more evidence to suggest these games will have a lot to do with the sky.

As we posted yesterday, Reshiram’s name comes from “shiro,” which means “white” in Japanese, whereas Zekrom’s comes from “kuro,” which means “black.” But as it turns out, the names also originate from the Japanese words “shiramu” and “kuromu,” which mean “to grow light” and “to grow dark.” Specifically, these words are used to refer to the sky becoming light and dark. Like we pointed out a few weeks ago, “hiun” in Hiun City’s name can mean “clouds being blown by the wind.” In addition to this, the bridge connected to Hiun City is named “Sky Arrow Bridge.” So, we obviously have a sky theme going on in these two games in addition to the possible lightening or darkening of it. Thanks goes to Yaminokame for researching these name meanings.

What do these tidbits and the names of the Legendary Pokemon tell us about Black and White‘s plot? This is just speculation, but perhaps the games will involve a story related to making the sky night or day, similar to the whole land and ocean dichotomy in Ruby and Sapphire. Or, as many fans have hoped for years, could we finally be getting a Light-type to oppose Darkness as possibly indicated by Reshiram’s name? Could Reshiram be Dragon / Light and Zekrom Dragon / Darkness? It seems like the Pokemon Company is trying to keep their full types secret for now, so is this the reason why? As fans it is obviously our God-given right to speculate about every little thing, no matter how outlandish, so I thought I would just throw those theories out there. :p Perhaps this is why Reshiram’s tail looks like a torch with a flame. Maybe Zekrom’s tail is a… night generator? Or something? Speculate on our forums!

Pokemon Black and White: Reshiram, Zekrom