Pokemon League ‘Thorton’ and ‘Dahlia’ Season Promos

Promo Tuesday!

Depending on your Pokemon League’s location, you probably started the Thorton season a while ago and will be moving on to Dahlia’s soon. For Thorton’s season, you have the chance to receive up to four Skarmory FB and four Felicity’s Drawing promos if you win enough battles, while for Dahlia’s, you can earn up to four Dusknoir FB and four Bebe’s Search. Scans of the promos are below courtesty of MvdV; click them for larger images.

Skarmory FB from Supreme Victors (#83, League Promo) Felicity's Drawing from Great Encounters (#98, League Promo) Dusknoir FB from Supreme Victors (#26, League Promo) Bebe's Search from Rising Rivals (#89, League Promo)