‘HS – Unleashed’ Pokemon Prime, Politoed, Roserade

A Dutch magazine has revealed all of the Pokemon Prime of HS – Unleashed, spare Crobat, which we revealed on Saturday. As predicted, it confirms that the Pokemon Prime are Crobat (#84), Kingdra (#85), Lanturn (#86), Steelix (#87), Tyranitar (#88), and Ursaring (#89), though of course the only card we were not 100% sure of was Lanturn. They also revealed Politoed (#7) and Roserade (#23). The cards below are only computer images, not scans – all of them (spare rare Roserade) will be holographic in real life. We’ll most likely have a HS – Unleashed set list and scans next week before the prereleases take place, so be sure to check back! Thanks go to forum user MvdV for the images below; click their thumbnails to enlarge them.

Politoed (#7) from HS - Unleashed Roserade (#23) from HS - Unleashed Kingdra (Prime) (#85) from HS - Unleashed Lanturn (Prime) (#86) from HS - Unleashed Steelix (Prime) (#87) from HS - Unleashed Tyranitar (Prime) (#88) from HS - Unleashed Ursaring (Prime) (#89) from HS - Unleashed