Secrets To Be Revealed on Next Week’s ‘Pokemon Sunday’

Junichi Masuda on Pokemon Sunday Next Week

At the end of today’s Pokemon Sunday episode, Lucario presented a special video tape to the members of Pokemon Sunday, which they fought over to play. On the tape, Gamefreak director Junichi Masuda revealed a poster to the audience, but its contents were covered up by a question mark (you can see the top-right of the poster, but only the Pokemon Sunday logo is visible). During next week’s show, Masuda’s video message will be revealed in full. The Robert group is also going to play a game during the next episode where they try to guess who “Z” is (from the 13th movie’s title The Ruler of Illusion: Z).

Could we be seeing new Pokemon or games revealed next week? We’ll find out soon! Thanks go to Filb for the screenshots to the right, which you can click for a larger image.