‘Pokemon Rumble’ Scans and Gameplay Instructions

Pikachu from Pokemon Rumble (#7)

The Pokemon Rumble promo set based on the video game of the same name is now available to demo at Pokemon Leagues. Active Pokemon Leagues should be receiving one package for players to experiment with. The set consists of 16 cards, three of which are holo. All of the cards are actually printed on holographic paper, though the holo background only shows through on the Pokemon Rumble logos. The scans and instructions for the promo set are available in the first link of this news story; thanks go to Sceptileblade411 from our forums for scanning them and Shakespeare for editing them. Ugliest Pokemon artwork of the year goes to Pikachu, pictured right! Its ears are detached from its body! The cards use the same art from the WiiWare game.

One of the pages says the package will be available in stores on December 2nd, but I haven’t heard of any sightings yet. Playing it looks fun, almost like turning Pokemon cards into a real card game like Uno. Any Pokemon card is compatible with the game, not just the ones included in this set. It is simple to play and seems to be a great way to introduce players to the TCG (which may be the intention of sending one package to each League).

Each package retails for ten bucks and comes with one Battle Royale playmat, four energy dice, one target die, fourteen player markers (two per player), and sixteen cards. Check it out!