‘Arceus’ Poster Box With Jumbo DP50 Arceus Promo

Catching up on stories missed due to college craziness…

Along with the multitude of Arceus products available is a new poster box, as seen below (not to be confused with the Arceus poster pack). It comes with five Arceus booster packs, a double-sided poster with artwork of Arceus on one side and cards from the set on the other, the DP50 Arceus promo from the aforementioned poster pack, and a jumbo version of the same card. The entire package costs $17.98. This time around, the jumbo is printed on regular holofoil paper rather than the glossy holofoil used for jumbos in the past. The scan below is of the jumbo, though it is virtually identical to the regular DP50 scan posted last week. Thanks go to Omahanime for the images!

DP50 Arceus jumbo promoArceus Poster Box - Front Arceus Poster Box - Front