Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Challenge Box

REDRUM… REDRUM… REDRUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Target and Wal-Mart are now carrying a Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Challenge Box for $19.99. It contains an EX Trainer Kit and four EX-series booster packs, making it utterly worthless to any player who wants to play in official tournaments. Hopefully this is the last of the excess EX stock. It also comes with two reverse holographic POP 8 Chimchar and Riolu promos, which have the same holo style as the previously released POP 9 Raichu and POP 9 Rotom holos. Click the thumbnails below for larger scans, gracias a Omahanime.

Chimchar from POP 8 (#12 - Holo)Riolu from POP 8 (#16 - Holo)Pokemon TCG Trainer's Challenge Box