New Wii Game: ‘PokePark Wii – Pikachu’s Great Adventure’

Update #2 (2 PM): The blog below has updated to reveal the game is an “action adventure” in which you will clear different attractions (perhaps mini-games) while deepening your friendship with Pokemon you meet along the way. At each attraction you can borrow the abilities of Pokemon you befriend. Some attractions will focus on certain elemental types, such as “Sky Race” and “Marine Slide,” which will be easier to clear using the abilities of Flying-type and Water-type Pokemon respectively. The game will not use the same 3D graphics as the WiiWare games, but will instead use its own.

Update #1 (10 AM): The game is going to be sold in stores since it has its own listing on the Japanese website. Thus, it is not WiiWare, and most likely, it is the same game Tsunekazu Ishihara was foreshadowing.

Nintendo announced yesterday at a retailer conference in Kyoto, Japan that a new Pokemon Wii game is to be released on December 5th in Japan: PokePark Wii – Pikachu’s Great Adventure. It is unknown whether this title is WiiWare or an actual commercial game. It is also unknown if this is the same game Tsunekazu Ishihara spoke of in the Famitsu magazine interview last month. No further information is known at the moment other than the game’s title and release date, but news should be coming in within the next month or so!