Movie 13 Location Scouting and Teaser Trailer

Update (10:30 AM): Added third paragraph below.

The official Pokemon movie website has revealed that movie 13’s location scouting took place in Holland, the western part of the Netherlands, and Belgium, a country right under it. The site uploaded a photo of Pokemon movie director Kunihiko Yuyama eating a Belgian waffle and another photo of a stuffed Pikachu sitting on the famous Skinny Bridge in Amsterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands.

As we revealed in early July, movie 13 will feature Lugia and Ho-Oh; a trailer at the end of Arceus: Space-Time Conquered showed the two fighting. The Pokemon movie website has now uploaded that same teaser trailer, which you can watch by clicking here. Keep in mind that Lugia and Ho-Oh fighting does not mean they will in the movie; teaser trailers are not meant to depict any plot points (they “tease” you). For example, the Shaymin movie’s teaser showed a giant Regigigas popping out of the ground. The only element of that trailer that turned out to be true was the fact that Regigigas was in the movie.

Director Yuyama also posted a thank-you message for people who watched the Arceus movie and the entire Diamond and Pearl trilogy. He stated that he wanted to portray Arceus as nature and the Jewel of Life as the sun, and that since nature gives so much to us, we should consider how we are returning the favor. For movie 13, he revealed the setting is on the streets of the city and that the theme will focus on friendships between humans and Pokemon.

Pokemon Movie 13 Location Scouting in Belgium and HollandLugia fires Aeroblast at Ho-OhHo-Oh shoots Sacred Fire at Lugia