New ‘HeartGold’ and ‘SoulSilver’ Screenshots and Info

Game Leakage Proof - A Real Copy of SoulSilver from a Female Player on 2ch

An anonymous girl on Japanese message board 2ch has acquired an early copy of SoulSilver and has posted several photos of gameplay. Since 2ch is difficult to sort through, they are reposted below for your convenience; click the thumbnails to enlarge them. More pictures will be added as more are posted, so refresh this page every once in a while. Preliminary information based on the images is below, courtesy of Bangiras, Heerosferret, and Yaminokame (translators unite!!).

As soon as we receive our copies of the games we will be playing non-stop. We’ll also post videos and screenshots. Check back here soon! The coverage could begin in a few hours, later today, or possibly even tomorrow. It’s all a waiting game!


SoulSilver Cartridge in the Packaging Gym Leaders Badge Case - Whitney is Wearing New Lipstick Kotone with Mom Hibiki Says Hi to Kotone Battling Sentret Talking to Mr. Pokemon Battling Rival's Stolen Chikorita Caught Weedle! Poisoned Kakuna Hibiki Gives Kotone the Battle Recorder Sprout Tower Falkner's Gym Monk Battle in Sprout Tower A Monk Congratulating Player for Fighting to the Top Battle with Falkner and Pidgeotto Falkner Gives Kotone TM51, Roost - Her Zubat is Behind Her Under the Magnet Train? Vulpix's Location in the PokeDex Team Rocket Battle - Executive Staff Lance! Challenging Gym Leader Bugsy! Bugsy's Metapod Bugsy's Kakuna Bugsy's Scyther Mareep's Location in the PokeDex Kotone Entering Ilex Forest with Beedrill The Daycare Center with Kotone and Hibiki.  The caption says, 'You're pretty good at raising your Pokemon.' Gym Leader Whitney! Whitney's Miltank Following Whitney's Defeat - Kotone's Beedrill Still Follows Her Ecruteak City Entrance to Burnt Tower in Ecruteak City - 'You have to beat Morty to pass.' Burnt Tower - Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Eusine Gym Leader Morty! Morty's Gastly Morty's Haunter Morty's Haunter #2 Morty's Gengar Kimono Girls Studio Eevee's Trainer Memo Trainer Gym Leader Chuck! Chuck's Primeape Chuck's Poliwrath Following Chuck's Defeat Approaching Gym Leader Jasmine Versus Jasmine! Battling Gym Leader Jasmine! One of Two Magnemite She Owns Jasmine's Steelix Jasmine's Defeat - Iron Tail TM Headbutting Trees Mahogany Mart with Lance and His Dragonite Lake of Rage Red Gyarados Red Gyarados' Attacks Red Gyarados' Capture Information Red Gyarados, a Water-type Pokemon, following Kotone on land. Kotone in a Team Rocket base next to a Persian statue. Inside the Team Rocket base with booby-trapped tiles - the traps are marked. Team Rocket Staff Executive Lambda Kotone and Lance vs. Grunt and Executive Athena Team Rocket Battle with Gloom Defeating Executive Athena Murkrow's Location in the PokeDex - Nowhere! Approaching Pryce VS Gym Leader Pryce! Gym Leader Pryce! Pryce's Seel Pryce's Dewgong Pryce's Piloswine Kotone Disgused as a Team Rocket Grunt Another Battle with Executive Lambda VS! Executive Lance Lance's Golbat Executive Lance's Weezing Executive Athena's Arbok Executive Athena's Vileplume Executive Athena's Murkrow VS! Executive Apollo Executive Apollo's Houndour Executive Apollo's Koffing Executive Apollo's Houndoom Executive Apollo Houndour's Location in the PokeDex
  • The male character is named Hibiki. Previously, Pokemon Sunday revealed that the girl was named Kotone.
  • The opposite gender character meets you along the way in the game in the same manner as in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
  • Early in your journey the opposite gender character gives you the Battle Recorder.
  • Before you battle Falkner, you have to defeat the monks in Sprout Tower; otherwise you can’t proceed all the way into the Gym. In the original games you could battle Falkner right away and either go to Sprout Tower before or after the Gym battle. Defeating the top mage would then grant you Flash, though that is probably still the same.
  • Falkner has a level 13 Pidgeotto, originally level 9, and a level 9 Pidgey, originally level 7. He gives you TM51, Roost.
  • The first major Team Rocket member to be encountered is Executive Staff Lance (no relation to Elite Four Champion Lance). He has two Pokemon.
  • Bugsy has a level 15 Metapod, level 15 Kakuna, and level 17 Scyther. Each of them are one level higher than the original games. Scyther is holding a Sitrus Berry. He gives out a TM containing U-Turn. There are no Johto Pokemon on the Gym Leader teams so far, just like the original games. Note: Bugsy is a guy, even though he looks like a girl. It doesn’t help that 4Kids gave him a girlish voice too. Are they purposefully trying to confuse us?
  • Whitney is using a level 17 Clefairy and level 19 Miltank. Originally, both Pokemon were a level higher. Miltank knows Attract, Stomp, Milk Drink, and Rollout and is holding a Lum Berry. These are the same attacks Miltank originally knew, which may indicate that even the attacks haven’t changed for the Gym Leader rosters. Whitney grants the player an Attract TM for defeating her.
  • (Unconfirmed) You cannot trade with non-HG/SS games up to at least Ecruteak City.
  • Like in the original Gold and Silver, you can just walk in to the Burnt Tower and find the three Legendary Beasts. Unlike the originals though, Eusine is there as well. Thus, the storylines for Crystal and Gold and Silver apparently merge at this point.
  • Morty has a level 21 Gastly, level 21 Haunter, level 23 Haunter, and level 25 Gengar. All are the same levels as his original team. Gengar is holding a Sitrus Berry. Morty also can use one Hyper Potion during the battle. He gives out a TM containing Shadow Ball.
  • The anonymous girl posting the pictures has apparently gone to sleep now.
  • She’s awake again! Chuck has a level 29 Primeape, originally level 27, and a level 31 Poliwrath, originally level 30. Primeape knows Double Team, Leer, Rock Slide, and Focus Punch while Poliwrath has Hypnosis, Body Slam, Focus Punch, and Surf. Both Pokemon have a few different attacks, meaning the Gym moves may not be exactly the same as the original games. Poliwrath is also holding a Sitrus Berry. Chuck gives out TM01 containing Focus Punch.
  • Jasmine is using a level 30 Magnemite, another level 30 Magnemite, and a level 35 Steelix. They are the same levels as her original team. The first Magnemite knows Thunderbolt, Supersonic, and Thunder Wave, while the second one is only confirmed to know Thunderbolt. Steelix knows Iron Tail and Sandstorm and is holding a Sitrus Berry; it did not originally know Sandstorm. Jasmine awards the player a TM containing Iron Tail for defeating her.
  • Red Gyarados is at Level 30 and knows Bite, Dragon Rage, Leer, and Twister.
  • As we speculated last month, Pokemon status screens now show how natures are affecting a Pokemon’s stats. On Red Gyarados’ stats above, its Special Attack stat is blue while its Special Defense is red. The Gyarados has a Careful nature, meaning in battle its Special Defense will be boosted at the expense of its Special Attack. Thus, a red stat indicates a stat boost from the nature while blue means the stat is lowered.
  • There are apparantly shiny versions of each of the Pokemon field sprites, as shown above with the Red Gyarados following Kotone. However, it may only be for special Pokemon.
  • The second Team Rocket staff executive is named Lambda. He has three Pokemon and is encountered in Team Rocket’s underground base in Mahogany Town.
  • You team-up with Elite Four Champion Lance in a double-battle against a grunt and a third Team Rocket executive named Athena. She has a Gloom.
  • Apparently, Murkrow is only in HeartGold, whereas Vulpix is only in SoulSilver. However, the photos giving us this evidence may have been of specific times of the day, so we’ll have to confirm this later.
  • Lance, Lambda, and Athena are each rockets or types of real-life rockets. Obviously, the rockets are the inspirations for their names.
  • Pryce owns a level 30 Seel, a level 32 Dewgong, and a level 34 Piloswine. Each are three levels higher than the original games. Dewgong knows Aurora Beam, Ice Shard, Rest, and Sleep Talk. Piloswine is holding a Sitrus Berry. Pryce also can use one Full Restore. He grants the player the Hail TM.
  • You will disguise yourself as a Team Rocket grunt to infiltrate the Goldenrod Radio Tower.
  • You re-battle Executive Lambda in the Radio Tower. He has 5 Koffing at Level 30 and 1 Weezing.
  • You re-battle Executive Lance in the Radio Tower. He has a a level 28 Golbat and a level 33 Weezing.
  • In the rematch with Executive Athena she has a level 32 Arbok, Vileplume, and Murkrow.
  • The fourth and final Team Rocket executive is named Apollo. He has a level 35 Houndour, a level 35 Koffing, and a level 38 Houndoom.
  • Someone has posted music from the games on YouTube:
  • Claire has two level 38 Dragonair, one level 38 Gyarados, and one level 41 Kingdra.