Part 4 of ‘HeartGold’ and ‘SoulSilver’ Coverage

Welp, our coverage of HeartGold and SoulSilver is beginning to come to a close as almost everything is known about the games now. We’re still playing them of course, so here are some more details. The facts below are arranged from newest to oldest, so if you haven’t been here, read the post from the bottom to the top.

  • The Rock / Lock capsule has a relationship to Wi-Fi. In the game data, there is text that says, “The Rock Capsule is being looked after carefully. The Rock Capsule arrived safely!” It’s probably a pre-programmed Mystery Gift. The data for the text above is in the same location as the Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger. Could there be a special Pokemon inside, a special item like the Mystery Crystal, or could it unlock something in a future game?
  • Another hidden item in the game is the Rock / Lock Capsule (could be either name). Its description says, “A sturdy capsule that is opened with a special key.” It is a key item, though we don’t know what it does yet. Maybe a Spiritomb is inside? :p
  • Mystery Crystal / Soul Dew Event: A hidden item in the game data exists called the “Mystery Crystal.” Its item description reads, “A crystal orb that was buried in the ground. It is covered in rocks and dirt but it is still beautiful.” Once you obtain it (perhaps through a Nintendo event, or somewhere in the game), you go to the Pewter City Museum. You will overhear Steven Stone muttering to himself, “People devoted their lives to researching this path… and that’s profound. But since I’m devoted, I won’t lose to them.” He sees you. “Oh? What’s that you have? It’s… A mysterious rock. Something is sparkling inside. Its refinement conceals a wonderful secret! I think you should have this rock examined by a specialist.” You hand the rock over to a Pewter Museum scientist, “You gave the Mystery Crystal to the staff member!” “Please wait while I examine it.” As you are leaving, “Hey! Hey! Wait up! I had a bit of a delay, but I examined it fully! It is a Soul Dew, a crystal orb with a mysterious power! The Soul Dew is hardly ever seen, so I want to examine it as carefully as possible.” Steven: “The Soul Dew is an item said to be formed from a Latias or Latios’ soul. It has the ability to draw out their latent strength. It’s said that Latias, Latios, and the Soul Dew call out to each other’s souls. I don’t know why the Soul Dew is in Kanto, but Latias and Latios were probably drawn to it.” Following this, a Lati@s appears, seemingly summoned by the Soul Dew. Steven: “I feel a powerful belligerence coming from this Lati@s! I want to battle it, but I’ll hand it over to you!” If you catch it, Steven says, “Well done! I owe you one! You put your full power on display, and I never imagined it could be so fearsome! Well done! I’m greatful.” If you lose to it, when you do beat it, he says, “The injured Lati@s probably returned here to get revenge on you.” (He is explaining why Lati@s is still available to fight, since pre-DPPt if you lost to a Legendary Pokemon, it disappeared permanently.) If you choose not to fight it, he says, “What’s the matter? Did you lose your nerve?”
  • Reminder: Lati@s’ roaming: As reported earlier, when you first arrive in Kanto, Steven Stone from Hoenn tells you about a roaming Lati@s. “I’m Steven, the Hoenn League Champion. Have I met you somewhere..? Nevermind, it’s probably my imagination. It’s just that all of the Trainers I’ve battled look at me the same way — like they want to beat me. In any case, has the rumor about the Pokemon LAti@s reached your ears? For some reason, Lati@s, who resides in Hoenn, has left that place and come to Kanto. I’m here investigating the reason. Lati@s is a Pokemon with a deep connection to the jewel-like orb called the Soul Dew. I wonder if this Lati@s appearing in Kanto has a connection to the Soul Dew? Lati@s roams a wide path. There’s no instrument that can track it, and it appears very rarely, but since you’re a Trainer, I bet you’re interested. Later. I’m sure we’ll meet again.”
  • The Day of the Week Siblings are still in the games, but with two changes. Monica of Monday found on Route 40 still gives out Sharp Beak, Tuscany of Tuesday found on Route 29 gives out TwistedSpoon (originally Pink Bow), Wesley of Wednesday found at Lake of Rage gives out Blackbelt, Arthur of Thursday found on Route 36 gives out Hard Stone, Frienda of Friday found on Route 32 still gives Poison Barb, Santos of Saturday found in Blackthorn City gives out Soft Sand (originally Spell Tag), and lastly, Sunny of Sunday found at Route 37 gives you a Magnet.
  • Steven trades you a Beldum for a Forretress. Its only attack is Take Down. It is holding a Dawn Stone. It will be the same level as the Forretress you trade him. To trade him for the Beldum, you must first get Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip from him in Silph Co. Once you do, go to the museum in Pewter City and talk to him. “All the light in the night sky is compressed inside my unidentified stone.” Then go back to Silph Co. where you can initiate the trade. “You again? Have you ever been to the Hoenn region? It’s a beautiful place where the clear ocean stretches wide. You should see it. That’s right! Wouldn’t you like to trade? I’m looking for Forretress, so if it sounds like a fair deal, I’ll trade you my Beldum.” You trade him. “Forretress doesn’t appear in the Hoenn region. This is the first time I’ve seen one. Thank you!”
  • Brock gives you a Rhyhorn that knows Thunder Fang if you trade him a Bonsly. Brock: “Hey, (Trainer)! Have you ever seen a Pokemon called Bonsly? It appears you have to hatch it from an egg, so it isn’t seen very often. If you have a Bonsly, will you trade it for my Rhyhorn? Yeah! Let’s trade! Thank you! I really wanted a Bonsly! About the Rhyhorn I gave you. I raised it from an egg, and it knows Thunder Fang. It can even defeat Water-type Pokemon. Take good care of it!”
  • To change Rotom‘s form, take it to Silph Co. and have it out with you. It will power the elevator and take you to a room with the appliances used to change its form.
  • Thus, you stop Giovanni from returning to Team Rocket and we learn from this event that Rival is Giovanni’s son, as has been speculated by fans for years and years.
  • The cave Giovanni is in is present during normal gameplay even before the event. Before the event, hitting A on the radio says, “The radio is broken.” If you visit the cave after the event, it says, “The radio is broken. Giovanni must have left it here.”
  • After defeating Giovanni, he says, “Wh-why! Have the past 3 years been for nothing? Once again, my ambitions are shattered by a child like him! The last dream of Team Rocket vanishes like an illusion!” He leaves the cave. Radio: “Heeeey! Where could Giovanni be? Wherever he is, will he hear this message and come to us?” H/K: “Even if they keep calling, their boss won’t come. How pathetic. And soon, you will take care of them. Oh! But you’re here? I wonder who will take care of Team Rocket at the Radio Tower? If we don’t heal Celebi, we can’t get back to our original time.” Apparently, time traveling causes Celebi to grow weak. Hibiki / Kotone uses a Revive on Celebi. The screen flashes white again. H/K: “Time travel? Let’s return to our original time now.” You return to Ilex Forest where Marill is waiting. H/K: “Time slipping doesn’t feel good.” H/K sees Marill. “Oh! My Marill! Good to see you! It looks like we’ve returned to our original time. It was a mysterious experience, but we’ve returned to our original time and stopped Team Rocket’s plan. Everything turned out okay! It was fun getting caught up in an adventure with you, (Trainer). Today was really exhausting. I’m going home. Bye bye!”
  • Celebi glows again. “Oh! That was just like before! It was Celebi’s time travel!” The screen spins, and you’re in a cave with Giovanni and a radio. G: “I don’t know why you came here, but this isn’t a place for kids like you.” K/H: “Ahh! This is the old man who was arguing with that mean boy before!” Giovanni: “Those look in your eyes… brings back memories of the child who obstructed me 3 years ago. He looked at me with the same eyes. I must go to Goldenrod City to answer my teammates’ summons. Are you going to get in my way?” K/H: “3 years ago…? Goldenrod City… Don’t tell me, this person is the boss, Giovanni, who was being summoned over the radio!! Listen, (Trainer), the radio broadcast is strange! Team Rocket invaded the Radio Tower! Even though you resolved that…” Radio: “This is the Goldenrod Radio Tower. This is the Goldenrod Radio Tower. After 3 years of effort, Team Rocket announces its resurrection! Giovanni! Can you hear us? We finally did it!” G: “My old friends need me. The failure of 3 years ago will not be repeated. Team Rocket will be reborn, and we will make the world our own!” You then battle “Team Rocket Boss Giovanni.” He uses a level 42 Nidoking, level 46 Nidoqueen, level 40 Kangaskhan, and level 43 Honchkrow. As he is about to be defeated, he says, “What’s happening? Could a child who’s less experienced than me be this strong?”
  • The camera pans up to Giovanni and your Rival. R: “You’re saying…you’re saying you’re not the strongest! You’re quitting!? What will you do now!?” G: “…If you won’t admit defeat, you can’t progress forward. In order to build an even stronger organization, I must go alone for now.” R: “What do you mean, strong! You gathered many members, and eventually lost to a single child!” G: “By uniting the strength of many people, a large power is born. That’s the meaning of an organization. The strength of an organization! I didn’t make the most of my men’s strength. One day, I will definitely revive Team Rocket.” R: “I don’t understand! I don’t understand what you’re saying at all, Dad!” G: “The day will come when you will understand as well.” He leaves. R: “I don’t want to understand! I won’t become like my dad! Swaggering about alone as I gather up weaklings! I’ll never be like that! I’m going to become a strong man! I’ll become strong all by myself! BY MYSELF!” He’s yelling after Giovanni. Then he turns and runs into you. R: “What are you staring at?” He leaves. Kotone/Hibiki: “What’s with that guy? He’s mean! But the conversation between those two… what was that about? The revival of Team Rocket? If I remember right, a child from Kanto destroyed Team Roclet three years ago. That means, we must be three years in the past!”
  • You’re on an unknown route with Kotone/Hibiki and your Celebi (Marill was left behind). “This is? The Ilex Forest vanished!? …That’s not it. Were we moved to a new place? This is weird, (Trainer)! If you turn on the radio on your Pokegear, the date is three years ago! Could it be… the work of the Pokemon, Celebi? That’s exactly it! Celebi is the cause! My grandpa said that Celebi is a time traveler and can use its mysterious power to freely jump across time! Clearly, Celebi has brought us to the past. Someone’s here, (Trainer)! Let’s go look!” You’re in the past following the events of Red defeating Giovanni and bringing down Team Rocket.
  • You go to Ilex Forest with your special Celebi and walk toward the shrine. Celebi hops away from behind you and sits a few tiles away. Kotone/Hibiki approaches you, trailed by his/her Marill, “Ah, (Trainer)! Do you know the rumors about this shrine? This shrine is troublesome. People get spirited away from it.” The screen goes white for a second. “???? What was that?” Celebi glows, rises into the air, and the screen swirls.
  • There is a Celebi event in the game involving Giovanni and Rival. The event is activated by a special Celebi that will probably be downloadable in the future – you take it to the Ilex Forest shrine. Jason went into the game’s data and activated the event, and Bangiras has translated the dialogue as follows.