Oak’s Letter Download Over Wi-Fi

I’m going to post all the news stories I have missed either tomorrow or the day after; I’ve been moving into a new dorm / apartment.

Oak's Letter

Pokemon.com has announced that Oak’s Letter will be available for download to Pokemon Platinum players starting September 28th. It can be downloaded through Wi-Fi via Mystery Gift. The key item allows you to eventually encounter a Shaymin.

Once obtained, go to the northern end of Route 224. Professor Oak will be standing there, and after talking to him, you will be prompted to inscribe into a white rock what you are most grateful for. Following this, Shaymin appears and walks down a newly opened Seabreak Path, which leads directly to the Pokemon’s Flower Paradise. It will be waiting for you there at level 30.

Once Shaymin is captured, you can induce its Sky Forme by taking it to Floaroma Town and obtaining the Gracidea Flower. Shaymin cannot be in its Sky Forme at night, when in a P.C. box, or when frozen, so make sure to use the Gracidea during the day!