Next English Set – Platinum: ‘Arceus’; Movie Coming Soon?

We have learned that the final Pokemon Platinum English set will simply be named Platinum: Arceus in a vein similar to EX Deoxys. The set will be released in stores on November 4th in America, with prereleases occurring the last two weekends of October. The dates have been added to the right menu. The set is of course the English version of The Advent of Arceus.

Accompanying the set’s release will be a new Arceus Premium Box, Arceus Collector’s Tin, Arceus Poster Pack, and a three-pack blister pack. The Premium Box will contain five booster packs of the set (subject to change), one holo Arceus promo, one holo Arceus jumbo promo, and a double-sided poster featuring the set’s cards. The Collector’s Tin will be packaged with four Platinum-series booster packs and an Arceus LV.X card, though there may be two other tins containing other Level X’s from the set that we do not know about yet. The Arceus Poster Pack will feature two booster packs from the set, two POP-series packs, another holo Arceus promo, and another double-sided poster with pictures of cards from the set. The blister pack will simply contain two of the set’s booster packs, an older set’s booster pack, a coin, and a holo promo card unknown at this time.

Oddly, movie sets – or cards related to the movies – are usually delayed until around the time the respective movie comes out. This is always in spring, but for some reason, the pattern does not hold true for this set. Could this be yet another indication that the Arceus and the Jewel of Life movie is coming to America this year? This in combination with the early revealing of Arceus sure sounds fishy, but we’ll see!

With this date revealed, the set afterward will without a doubt be released in February. LEGEND: HeartGold and SoulSilver Collection, the next Japanese set, will be released in America then. Following its release, the HeartGold and SoulSilver games should hit store shelves within a month to a month and a half afterward in either March or April if the pattern of past game releases holds true.