Electivire LV.X from ‘Supreme Victors’ Revealed

Electivire FB LV.X from Supreme Victors (#144)

Electivire FB LV.X from Supreme Victors has been revealed on the official Go-Pokemon website. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image. Electivire originates from Pulse of the Frontier like most cards from Supreme Victors, so check out the spoilers if you want to know what our set will contain.

Prereleases for Supreme Victors take place this weekend and next weekend. We will have early scans of the set on Friday at 9:00 PM and all of the scans by Saturday, so be sure to check back here! To find a prerelease near you, click here, and for more information about prereleases in general, check out this page on the Go-Pokemon website.

It’s the summer. You have nothing to do. So go to a prerelease even if you are a total beginner! Try something new – you already play the games and maybe even watch the show, so go all out with Pokemon! Then you can brag how you are involved in all three of Pokemon’s main mediums. You won’t regret it and you’ll meet a lot of other Pokemon fans!