‘SoulSilver’ Demo Videos – Intro, Gameplay

I’m going to see the Arceus movie for a third time tonight with Heerosferret, so I’ll probably post the revised movie summary either tonight or tomorrow. Tomorrow is a free day – we have no school.

Epic redemption! Today I had to go back to the Pokemon Center in Tokyo because they accidentally took my movie ticket when I downloaded Pikachu-Colored Pichu last week, and what did I come across? The same HeartGold and SoulSilver demos from the Battle Tours earlier this month! This time, there were no signs that said no video, and I even asked the person watching the demos if I could record them, to which they said yes. Unfortunately while I was recording, they asked the higher-ups if photography was allowed and the answer was no, so I was asked to stop and could not record the PokeDex to see the new sprites. Still, I was able to record the SoulSilver intro and two battles in the gameplay. Click the play buttons below to watch both of the videos. This time no dark magicians deleted my videos.