More PokeWalker Info

PokeWalker Syncing with a DSi

Both the Japanese Pokemon website and IGN have posted new information regarding the PokeWalker.

The pedometer will convert your steps into the watt, a currency that can be used to catch wild Pokemon and to shop for “tools.” It is unknown what these tools are (perhaps they mean items?) or how you will be able to catch any wild Pokemon, but anything you gain on the pedometer will wirelessly transfer back to HeartGold and SoulSilver. This may be similar to the Pokemon Pikachu 2 gigapet, where every 20 steps you took converted into one watt which could then be transferred to Gold, Silver, and Crystal and redeemed for special items. The pedometer will also include mini-games, though not much is known about them at this point.

The device itself will weight 21 grams at a thickness of 13.9mm and a diameter of 48mm, featuring a key chain hole on the top.