Coming Soon to PokéBeach…

Sorry for not posting any updates as of late. Within the next month or so we’re going to finally be posting our new Card-Dex (that I’ve been promising will return for… fourish years). We have been working hard on revamping the entire site since last September, and it’s been a huge but exciting secret among all the people helping out. I’m excited to finally announce it now since we found a committed programmer who has been doing an excellent job over the past several months, and especially this past month, putting all of our work together. We will have a large card search engine, set information pages, even higher-quality scans than now, theme deck pages, Pokemon species pages, a Modified Card-Dex, Japanese information and translations, and much more stuff. So while we’re finishing putting all the information together, please be patient as updates may become a little scarce this upcoming month unless news is extremely important.

In the meantime, I leave for Japan in a week for an entire month! We will have a movie summary the day Arceus: Space-Time Conquered comes out, so you can look forward to that as well! I’ll also post about any other Pokemon experiences that occur while I’m there since I know many people are curious about Pokemon life in Japan.

Good luck to everyone going to Nationals this week! By Worlds we should have all of the aforementioned sections up, which will help you all out with your deck building and collecting!