Clearer ‘HeartGold’ and ‘SoulSilver’ CoroCoro Scans

Sorry for the late update; I wasn’t up at 2-3 in the morning like usual since school ended for me yesterday.

Clearer CoroCoro scans have surfaced on Japanese image board 2ch, revealing some new HeartGold and SoulSilver information while clarifying some rumors and previously known facts. Click the scans below for larger images, which will open in new windows. Thanks go to Heerosferret for some of the translations.

CoroCoro HeartGold SoulSilver Scans CoroCoro HeartGold SoulSilver Scans CoroCoro HeartGold SoulSilver Scans CoroCoro HeartGold SoulSilver Scans

The first scan above, which shows a map of Johto in the background, undoubtedly confirms that Kanto will be in the games. Route 27, which connects the Kanto and Johto regions together, is seen on the bottom right of the map heading off to the east where Kanto lies. Additionally, the map shows a new area west of National Park that was not in the original games.

Not just the Starter Pokemon will be able to follow you around, “Any Pokemon in your party, from your starter, to legendaries, to anyone” will be able to. Wobbuffet, Steelix, Larvitar (?), and another Pokemon (perhaps Sentret) are seen walking behind the player in a few of the first page’s game screenshots. (I wonder how a Wailord will drag its carcass around?) Just as in Pokemon Yellow, you are able to turn around and hit A on the Pokemon, finding out how it feels, though there also appears to be a dialogue now between the Pokemon and the player.

The PokeDex has been redesigned to be much more compact, almost looking like a clamshell cell phone. It is now available in two models – a red one for male players and a pink one for female players.

The second scan clarifies information on the Jirachi distribution. It will be available at Level 5 and will know the moves Wish, Confusion, Rest, and Draco Meteor, the latter of which it cannot normally learn. It will also be holding a Leichi Berry. As previously known, it will be downloadable to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum at McDonalds and other locations from June 19th to July 17th and will unlock something special when traded to HeartGold and SoulSilver. The scan confirms the rumor that it is a hidden area called “Edge of the Night Sky.”

If a player preorders both games beginning July 4th, they will receive an Arceus, Ho-Oh, and Lugia figure. If they only preorder HeartGold, however, they will receive only a Ho-Oh figure, while SoulSilver will grant them only a Lugia figure.

The pages also show off the redesigned interfaces of the PokeDex, Bag, Pokemon summary screens, and PC boxes, which will now utilize the touch screen more heavily than before for easier navigation.

The third page talks about the Pichu event in Ilex Forest, which we already knew about. Trading over the Pikachu-Colored Pichu from the preorder movie download will activate an event in Ilex Forest involving Notched-Ear Pichu. The page also shows the interaction between Cynthia and Arceus, though nothing else is revealed beyond what we already know from Wednesday.

The last scan shows the PokeWalker. One of the screenshots involves an encounter with a wild Kangaskhan. Presumably, you will be able to transfer wild Pokemon you encounter on the PokeWalker to the two games, though if there is anything more to this method we do not know at this point. The scan also shows in-game cut shots of Ho-Oh above the Tin Tower and Lugia behind a wall of water. Perhaps when you encounter them you will see these shots.