“Just Ain’t True” Quiz

Last week’s quiz question asked, “Which of the following statements just ain’t true?” The only false option was “There have only been 3 cards printed in the TCG with 200 or more HP,” since there have actually been four such cards. Every other option was completely true. “Thunder in the rain can break through Protect” is actually true, but was overwhelmingly picked as the correct (and thus false) option. Doesn’t anyone play with Rain Dance teams? Don’t forget to try out this week’s quiz!

  • Thunder in the rain can break through Protect. (28.0%, 1,453 Votes) – When raining, Thunder actually has a 30% chance to break through Protect. So does Blizzard when it is hailing. This was a random mechanic the programmers included.
  • Breeding with a foreign Pokemon gives the babies a higher chance of being shiny. (21.0%, 1,071 Votes) – This is dubbed the “Masuda Method” by the fandom, since Junichi Masuda, the director of the games, was the first to reveal it. If you breed your Pokemon with a Pokemon from a foreign language game, the babies have a 25% higher chance of being shiny than if the parents were normal (this doesn’t mean 1/4 of the Pokemon will be shiny, it means 1/2048 of the babies can be shiny instead of the normal 1/8192).
  • Spoink can die from heart attacks. (13.0%, 678 Votes) – Spoink’s Ruby PokeDex entry says that if it stops bouncing, its heart will stop.
  • There have only been three cards printed in the TCG with 200 or more HP. (10.0%, 512 Votes) – This was the correct answer, being that it is an incorrect fact; there are four cards with 200+ HP. Wailord EX from EX Sandstorm has 200 HP, Wailord from Great Encounters has 200 HP, the jumbo promo card Shadow Lugia has 300 HP, and a Japanese promo card, Dancing Imakuni?, has 2000 HP.
  • You can have as many Arceus cards in your deck as you want. (8.0%, 416 Votes) – The next Japanese set, The Advent of Arceus, will have an “Arceus Rule” on all Arceus cards that says you can play as many Arceus cards in your deck as you want.
  • Suicune is the only G/S legendary to appear in the D/P anime so far. (5.0%, 269 Votes) – Suicune was in a Sinnoh episode with Drifloon and Drifblim, titled “Drifloon on the Wind.”
  • The Thunderstone is useless beyond Generation I’s Pokemon. (5.0%, 263 Votes) – Only Pikachu and Eevee can evolve with the Thunderstone. No other Pokemon can.
  • Swinub, Gloom, Torkoal, Uxie, Abra, Skitty, and Nosepass have something notable in common. (4.0%, 224 Votes) – All of them have closed eyes (-_-).
  • Shedinja’s Wonder Guard cannot be Skill Swapped. (3.0%, 155 Votes) – This is for obvious reasons. If you Skill Swapped it on to a Pokemon like Spiritomb or Sableye, they would be immune to all attacks, since they have no weaknesses and Wonder Guard only allows super effective attacks to hit the Pokemon that has the ability. Like Shedinja, they would still be able to take damage from moves like Toxic or Sandstorm though.
  • Eevee, Girafarig, and Ho-Oh’s names have something notable in common. (2.0%, 109 Votes) – All of these Pokemon’s names are palindromes. If you spell them backwards, it still spells the name.