Secret Key Now Available

The Secret Key is now available over Wi-Fi! To download it, follow these steps. You can also go to Toys R Us to obtain it if you do not have wireless internet.

  • Catch Rotom in the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest. It is inside the TV.
  • Talk to the TV Producer on the third floor of Jubilife TV in Jubilife City.
  • Answer his first question with “Everyone Happy” and his second question with “Wi-Fi Connection.”
  • Save your game and restart the DS.
  • Select “Mystery Gift” from the main menu, “Receive Gift,” “Get Via Nintendo WFC,” then choose “Yes” to download the Secret Key!
  • Continue your game and go to any Poke Mart. Talk to the man in green to receive the Secret Key. Save your game.
  • Go to Eterna City’s Galactic Headquarters. Once inside, go to the top left corner and hit A. The Secret Key will unlock a room where you can expose Rotom to five different appliances to induce its Mow, Heat, Wash, Frost, and Fan Formes.